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Seminars - How can you benefit?

Schenck academy will help you cut costs and improve quality.

For many engineers, balancing is a closed book. Even engineers who have to deal with matters of balancing and diagnostics on a daily basis often only have limited knowledge of the theoretical background. Balancing is usually not a form of vocational training and is rarely touched upon even at universities or technical colleges.

Usually those who have some knowledge of balancing learned it from colleagues or by private study. Needless to say, lack of systematic training is a latent source of mistakes. You will not be able to assess the unbalance of a rotor just by looking at it and failure to follow accurate and correct working processes may result in substantial extra cost.

To arm your staff with the knowledge they need for their day-to-day work, we are offering an extensive range of courses in the area of balancing and diagnostics - extending from the theoretical aspects of balancing to practical application; from universal balancing problems to the solution of highly specific balancing tasks.

This is the sort of training that will pay for itself. You will find this investment in your staff well worth your while because in the final analysis, you will gain by having a better product.

Hands-on training
In our seminars, new staff, experienced operators, development engineers, designers or technicians and quality specialists will be brought up to date on all aspects of balancing. Apart from the fundamental theoretical knowledge, participants will learn many practical tips and tricks they will find useful in their every-day work and receive hands-on experience on modern balancing machines.

In the long term, this will enable you to develop in-house expertise, make full use of the potential inherent in your production facilities, reduce errors and improve quality.

Sound advice from professionals
All of our trainers are "balancing professionals" with extensive practical experience; of which they are happy to pass on to you. In addition, highly competent Schenck specialists are available to provide advice on specific aspects of balancing and diagnostics, who will be happy to discuss your specific challanges with you.

Reference material
Back at home, with "business as usual", you will be able to benefit from the extensive training documentation you received during the course – for you to refer to whenever you need to look up something you may have forgotten, or when you don't feel absolutely sure about something.  And at the end of your seminar, you will be issued a certificate to document your attendance.

Sound advice without the red tape
Of course, we realize that theory is often vastly different from practice. This is why we are offering a very special service to the participants of our training courses: Whenever you have reached a dead end with your balancing problem, you can contact your course tutor directly and without any red tape. He/she will assist you and point you in the right direction for finding a solution to your problem.

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