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Balancing Services Success Stories

Schenck Success Story: Joe Gibbs Racing

The Challange

When the Joe Gibbs Racing Team received driver complaints about driveline vibration they approached Schenck about balancing some driveshafts.  They needed help to develop a balancing process, find a partner to assist with balancing tooling, identify rotor behavior, and of course find a reputable provider of these services.  They asked Schenck Balancing Services to evaluate and balance their newly designed driveshaft for their NASCAR racing needs. Most successful teams and shops demand high quality products and services and each component must meet these high standards.  Joe Gibbs Racing looked to Schenck to provide the balancing expertise and service they needed to help keep them at the top of the sport.

The Solution

Schenck began by becoming familiar with the new design and how it compared to the design currently being used throughout the sport. Schenck evaluated the need for special fixtures to hold the shaft in the balancer in a way that is similar to how it is held in service. This evaluation included reviewing customer drawings and specifications as well as understanding how the driveshaft will operate in service. The balancing of the driveshaft assembly required determining an appropriate balancing procedure to help minimize and reduce errors and effects from the tooling fixtures. In addition, it was necessary to identify how to apply the correction weights and ultimately hold them on the shafts at the balancing speed of the assembly. Working closely with the engineers at Joe Gibbs Racing to meet their requirements, Schenck established a procedure, through a series of testing and analysis, to balance and correct the customer’s driveshaft to a tighter tolerance than what was currently being used.

With a focus on quality improvement and turnaround, Schenck and the team from Joe Gibbs Racing installed the tooling, balanced the tooling, fine tuned the balancing process and balanced an initial batch of driveshafts. The tooling fixtures were mounted to our Schenck Model HK40 High Speed Driveshaft balancing machine at our Deer Park, NY facility and a balancing method developed and utilized to balance several shafts.

The Result

Schenck’s In-House Balancing Service worked closely with Joe Gibbs Racing and utilized its specially designed driveshaft balancing machine, and CAB 920 balancing instrument with the appropriate software functions which resulted in very well balanced driveshafts. The improved shaft design, assembly, and control over the balancing process, have resulted in superior vibration measurements made on dynamometers at the Joe Gibbs Racing facility in Huntsville, NC as well as on the track. The final result is no reported complaints of driveline vibration by their team of drivers with the current driveshafts balanced exclusively on the Schenck HK40 balancer. Several batches of driveshafts have been balanced successfully, tested by Joe Gibbs Racing to 9600 rpm (about 205 mph), run on test tracks, and run successfully on race days by all three Joe Gibbs Racing teams in the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series’. The minimized driveline vibration directly results in increased horsepower and performance!!

 Schenck’s services and assistance included:

  • Application Engineering assistance
  • Establishment of the proper balancing tolerance
  • Identification of the correct tooling
  • Availability of the HK40 High Speed Driveshaft balancing machine for balancing services
  • Development of the measurement and correction processes

The Schenck HK40 High Speed Driveshaft balancing machine is well suited for balancing automotive driveshafts, as well as balancing jet engine and helicopter shafts. The HK40 at our NY facility is utilized to provide high speed balancing of these components as well as providing information on vibration, bending, and first critical and sub-harmonic excitations throughout the specified speed ranges.

Joe Gibbs Racing

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