Mission Statement

Schenck Mission Statement

Schenck Trebel Corporation

Mission and QMS[1] principles

We at STC provide individually designed products and services for operators of rotating machinery to improve on product quality, operational safety and energy efficiency.


In order to maintain our current role as market and innovation leader in the fields of balancing machinery, we dedicate to the following points:

  • Thoroughly understanding our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations through partnership interactions.
  • Ensuring high quality as the essence of Schenck’s existence by continuously improving the effectiveness of our processes, products and services in accordance with our QMS.
  • Contributing profoundly to the global success of SCHENCK by permanently observing and proactively anticipating market developments.
  • Complying with laws and regulations applicable to our operations.
  • Treating our vendors fairly and in partnership arrangements.
  • Create a rewarding and challenging environment of high integrity and ethics
  • Constitute a positive environment, where we encourage internal improvement suggestions.

[1] QMS: Quality Management System

Our Mission Statement