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Commodity Groups for Balancing and Diagnostic Systems - Business Units for Varying Industries

  • Cast parts (steel and iron castings) rough and finished items
  • Clamps for brake discs, wheels, universal joints, etc.
  • Control gears
  • Control systems complete to specifications
  • Conveyor equipment (gantries, roller, belt and swarf conveyors)
  • DC motors
  • Drive and balancing spindles
  • Hydraulic assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • Industrial PCs
  • Mech. processing of manufactured items to drawing (turning, milling, sanding, etc.)
  • Pneumatic assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • Programmable logic control units (PLC)
  • Protective covers for machinery made of sheet metal and/or extruded profiles
  • Sheet metal e.g. for machinery cladding and complete protective covers
  • Sound insulated booths
  • Sub-assemblies completely installed, incl. pneumatic and electrical items
  • Toothed parts-standard and to drawing
  • Welded sub-assemblies (completed)
  • Welding equipment

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