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Nearly anything that rotates, or is supported in bearings that allow it to rotate, needs balancing to insure quality performance. From the smallest rotors for dental drill instruments to large power generating turbines, and from electric motor armatures to the largest jet engines, all require sound balancing techniques for reliable, cost-effective operation. Balancing since 1908!

The Balancing and Diagnostic Systems Group in the US is comprised of two operational companies, Schenck Trebel Corporation, Deer Park, NY, and Schenck RoTec Corporation, Southfield, MI. Both operations are subsidiaries of Schenck Corporation (SCO), incorporated in the state of New York. SCO's parent company is Schenck RoTec GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany, the world’s largest manufacturer of dynamic balancing machines and balancing equipment, which in turn is wholly owned by Dürr AG of Bietigheim, Germany.

Schenck Trebel’s product mix includes:
• Balancing machines for all industries, except automotive 
• High-speed balancing and spin test systems
• Moment weighing scales
• Portable vibration analyzers and condition and safety monitoring systems

Schenck RoTec’s product mix includes:
• Balancing machines for automotive production
• Automated Vertical balancing machines
• Filling equipment (Dürr Somac)
• Test and End of line Equipment (Dürr Assembly Products)

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