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schenck rotec corporation
Schenck RoTec Corporation - Southfield, MI

Schenck RoTec Corporation (SRC) is a subsidiary of
Schenck Corporation, Deer Park, NY. Its parent company
is Carl Schenck AG of Darmstadt, Germany, whose shares
are ultimately held by Duerr, AG of Bietigheim, Germany.
Schenck RoTec, Corporation and Schenck Trebel
Corporation together make up Schenck’s Balancing &
Diagnostic Systems Group for North America, under
Schenck RoTec, GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany.

Schenck RoTec began in 1984 as Schenck Turner, Inc., in Orion, MI.

Today Schenck RoTec is located in Southfield, MI. The 226,745 square foot facility
in Southfield is shared with its primary manufacturing facility and headquarters for
its sales, service and engineering personnel.

Schenck RoTec provides a complete range of balancing, diagnostic and special equipment

for the motor vehicle industry and an engineering staff that offers a broad range of
experience for nearly any balancing application.  
Schenck RoTec’s product mix includes:
• Balancing machines for automotive production
• Automated Vertical balancing machines
• Filling equipment (Dürr Somac)
• Test and End of line Equipment (Dürr Assembly Products)


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